February 16, 2016

I am a prince bathed in purple reign

Ancestors from Kush often call my name

I’d be the marrying kind if eye was the man in ur life

Beautiful, loved, and blessed-purple hash-brown wife


Like a lazy bird perched on a blue train

At a moment’s notice, I’d take you to John Colet...

February 16, 2016

Every time your lips touch mine
A million explosions blow in my mind
I would swear your lips were made for only me
'Cause with every kiss, I'm so complete

I've got every single kiss memorized
From the very first, to the many last night
I can taste you on my lips

February 16, 2016

Wrap your lips around my tongue.

Your soft hands around my one,


Insatiable, come taste my lust.

Come dear wife and feel my trust.


Thrust your "joys", girl, hold me down.

Slide my love inside your brown.


A million kisses would never be enough.

Between your thighs pleases so...

February 16, 2016

Interview with a Ghoul




I could not see until thoughts dark and past, 1

And skies of thought were gray and overcast.

In truth, one sees all that he wants unless,

He’s shown himself by voice, by err, or glass.

Do sit and smoke or drink your wine as I

Will tell a tale where...

February 16, 2016

Barefoot, blue eyes chillin' out back
Heaven's on her mind like a drowning cat
Hand in pocket, the other holding a Corona
No more sunsets in Arizona


As a matter of fact, I think she's found Jesus, so she can't look back


So she says ...

I'm, gonna be a superstar, In Ca...

February 16, 2016

by Acemandese Hall aka The Guy Who Doesn't Write Poetry Anymore aka AAH ... aah, now you've got it


Pinkish pixels in my mind,

seems that I believed your lies.

I’m glee with angst and don’t know why.

If tears were truth, would you still cry?

So many crosses, yet some mixed,


February 16, 2016

In a box Isabella waits,

She tries to calm her nervous shakes.

Her Crucifix held tight in hand,

She feels it’s time to take a stand.

Your acts have washed away her years,

Denial has brought so many tears.

She’s learned to walked around quicksand,

But doesn’t know how longer t...

February 16, 2016

Ma had never recovered from Dolly Daggers’ death and Pops was too busy being a ‘rolling stone’ to ever hang around long enough to care about anyone but himself. I was the only one levelheaded enough to keep the lights on and a roof over our heads playing gigs around to...

February 16, 2016



If talking opens up the spiritual gate of manifestation, then I dare not ever say it. Hate has attached to my insides and is eating away my serenity. No, I dare not speak it. I must escape the prison of my mind. The passion of hostility has borne a path. I must take...

February 16, 2016

Bellevue hospital sits off the FDR highway,
just north of Alphabet City.
It was the first time that Anne had been this far
north of Houston Street.

It had been a long night as she sat next to Tom's bed, praying for him.

I love you so much ... Don't leave me … you hear m...

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