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My First Major Radio Interview - Power 88 FM - Las Vegas

May 23, 2017

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Ace Antonio Hall actor's reel

December 16, 2015



Ace Antonio Hall was born Acemandese Nzondi Hall in Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. He is the youngest son of painter, illustrator and songwriter, Christopher Hall, and RN Alice Hall (Thomas). He has an older sister, Carol Brown, an older brother Christopher Hall III, a deceased older sister, Patricia Hall and two half-siblings by his father's other relationship. His father is African-American. His mother is African-American, and also has Irish and Cherokee ancestry.

When Ace was two-years-old, his family left their home in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and moved to Elmont, Long Island. Soon after, Ace moved to Jacksonville, Florida to be raised by his grandparents. Once he graduated from Jean Ribault Senior High School, he moved back to New York and received his BFA with a concentration in screenwriting from C. W. Post, Long Island University. He taught middle school English for over a decade before moving to Los Angeles and becoming a director of Education for the Sylvan Learning Center.

Ace made his professional writing debut in April 2013, when Montag Press published his young adult zombie novel, Confessions of Sylva Slasher. Since then, he has published several short stories in anthologies, magazines, online, and newspaper periodicals.




First professional job in entertainment came when he played all the music for the New Kids on The Block (N.K.O.T.B) remix, Dirty Dawg, although uncredited.


After the death of his father, during an 8-hour walk home from North Hollywood to Chatsworth, California, Ace decided to quit his 80K job as a Director of Education of the Sylvan Learning Center and pursue writing and acting more passionately.


Ace's father, Chris Hall wrote the lyrics to the jazz classic, "So What", which was sung by Eddie Jefferson, recorded in 1968 on the Body & Soul album for Prestige Records.


Ace's 2nd cousin, Chris White was an American jazz bassist that accompanied Nina Simone from 1960 to 1961 and subsequently was a member of Dizzy Gillespie's ensemble until 1966.


When Ace first moved to L.A., in trying to make ends meet gave Rebbie Jackson's daughter, Yashi (Michael Jackson's niece), a vocal lesson in the privacy of their home in Woodland Hills, California.


In the late eighties, Ace danced with Madonna in a dance club called The World, in Manhattan, and almost knocked her hat off when he did a spin move.


Thanks to publisher Montag Press, author Ace Antonio Hall is going to write a zombie book targeted to young adults. This may come as no surprise to his former students, as Ace championed young adults as an eighth grade Language Arts teacher for well over a decade in New York. The book will feature the character Sylva Slasher who is an eighteen-year-old necromancer, living on a parallel Earth.


Ace has had over 55 jobs since the age of 15, and credits the fact that he has never been afraid to work hard, and always had a girlfriend with expensive tastes. He has worked in a diversity of industries, including Lifeguarding, Education, Shoe Sales, and even Piloting a Ship for Radio Disney at Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.


Ace married his high school sweetheart, but after only five days, was devastated when she died in a freak car accident.


In 1996, Ace turned down the offer to create the theme song for the Huggy Bean Doll. An African-American doll which his father created for Golden Ribbon Things.


In 1986, Ace's put his first band together called Smooth As Silk, and was an ensemble that featured the first contemporary jazz song he'd written by the same name.


Under the name, Toni Hendrix, Ace's first rock band, WEBSLiNGER was funded solely from his teaching salary. He paid his bassist, drummer and guitarist fifty dollars per hour for rehearsals and the same for live performances. He procured legendary mastering engineer, George Marino (whose work is renown with Coldplay's "Parachutes", Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway", the Offspring's "Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace," Three Doors Down's eponymous release, Arctic Monkey's "Favourite Worst Nightmare," Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood", Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction," and classic mastering on early Stevie Wonder projects) to master his punk rock eponymous CD at Sterling Sound Studios, NY. Ace was the writer, front-man, and executive producer for the band whose biggest hit around the town circuit was "Dirty Underwear". The band broke up in 2002. In 2004, he tried to put a new WEBSLiNGER together in Los Angeles, but they disbanded in 2005.


For Bookings, Contact Walter Shaw at A. M. W. Talent Agency


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