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My First Major Radio Interview - Power 88 FM - Las Vegas

May 23, 2017

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February 16, 2016

I am a prince bathed in purple reign

Ancestors from Kush often call my name

I’d be the marrying kind if eye was the man in ur life

Beautiful, loved, and blessed-purple hash-brown wife


Like a lazy bird perched on a blue train

At a moment’s notice, I’d take you to John Coletrane

Then we’d count the stars, all the beautiful ones

And tenderly kiss until the break of dawn comes


With the sand between our toes, a white sandy beach

We’d dance close and slow ‘til da sun tans your peach

I’m your sexy dancer and you’re my cinnamon girl

Let’s go round da world donning diamonds and pearls


Since every day’s a winding road of life’s controversy

We’ll be the life ‘o’ the party, c’mon, let’s go crazy

And just ‘cause it’s a silly game-this thing called life

I wanna be your lover for the rest of my life


Thou I’m a witness to the greatest romance ever told

The Word will B our way and the song will B our soul

We’ll be like old friends trapped in a vault

When the lights go down, ‘ever happens not my fault





About Ace Antonio Hall 

Zombie Slasher-turned-Author


Ace Antonio Hall is the author of the novel, Confessions of Sylva Slasher (Montag Press, April 2013). His short stories They and Raising Mary: Frankenstein have been awarded Honorable Mention for the Writers of the Future Awards 2013 and 2014. He published his short story Dead Chick Walking in Calliope Magazine Fall 2013 #141.


In 2015, Hall has sold his short stories to be published with Weasel Press/The Haunted Traveler, Bride of Chaos/9 Tales, Pure Fantasy & Science Fiction, Vol. 4, Jitter/Prolific Press, Calliope Magazine, and Night to Dawn Magazine #29.


Hall received a BFA from Long Island University and taught English for more than a decade. He is a native New Yorker who now resides in Los Angeles, CA.


Follow Sylva's Journey on Twitter @sylvaslasher


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